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RA-1270 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Fan Inlet Airflow and Temperature Measuring System Technical Bulletin

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BACnet network configuration enables calibration adjustments of the RA-1270 host monitor analog output 1 and analog output 2. For more information, refer to the BACnet point list.

Table 1. BACnet configuration selections and options
Configuration selections Configuration options
BACnet On/Off Enables the BACnet interface.
BACnet Instance ID Sets the BACnet instance ID for the device object from 1 to 4,194,303. Default Instance ID is 0,000,001.
BACnet Address Sets the MS/TP address of the BACnet interface from 4 to 127. Must be lower or equal to max masters.
BACnet Max Masters Sets the max masters for the BACnet interface from 4 to 127. Must be greater than or equal to address.
BACnet Baud Rate Sets the baud rate for the BACnet interface: 9600, 19200, 38400 (default), or 76800.
Note: Press ESC at any time to return to the previous menu and exit without changing any settings.

To configure the BACnet network, complete the following steps:

  1. While in the Operator Menu, use UP or DOWN to scroll to Menu Timeout > Network Cfg.
  2. Select Network Cfg and press ENTER to enter the BACnet Configuration Menu. The display shows BacNet On/Off > BacNet Instance
  3. Select BacNet On/Off and press ENTER. The display shows the current setting of BACnet as either On or Off.
  4. Use UP or DOWN to change the setting. When the required setting shows, press ENTER to store the new setting in memory. The display returns to BacNet On/Off > BacNet Instance.
  5. Use UP or DOWN to select the remaining parameters to be changed.
  6. Repeat Step 2 to make any changes to the parameters.
  7. To return to the Operator Menu, select Exit this Menu in the BACnet Configuration Menu and press ENTER. Alternatively, press ESC to return to the Operator Menu.
    Note: The BACnet device name depends on the line 2 setting and line 2 custom text. When the line 2 setting is set to display the custom text, the BACnet device name displays RA-1270: {line 2 custom text}. The line 2 custom text enables easy BACnet identification of the device when there are multiple devices on the BACnet network. If line 2 is not set to custom text, the device name displays RA-1270. Any changes to the line 2 and line 2 custom text setting requires BACnet to be restarted to display any of the changes.