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RA-1270 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Fan Inlet Airflow and Temperature Measuring System Technical Bulletin

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Analog output parameters enables the selection of the process variables that output 1and output 2 represents. Process variables available for output are: flow, temperature, or none. If you select flow, the output represents the user-defined flow design range. If you select temperature, the output span is the user's temperature design range. The fan summary values control the analog output.

Note: Press ESC at any time to return to the previous menu and exit without changing any settings.

To configure the analog output parameters, complete the following steps:

  1. While in the Operator Menu, use UP or DOWN to scroll to Output 1 Param.
  2. Select Output 1 Param and press ENTER. The display shows the current setting of analog output 1 as flow, temperature, or none.
  3. Use UP or DOWN to change the setting. When the required setting displays as flow, temperature, or none, press ENTER. The new setting stores in memory and the display returns to Display Config > Output 1 Param.
  4. Repeat Step 1 to Step 3 to select Output 2 Param.