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Pneumatic Receiver-Controller
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Table 1. T-5800 Series Pneumatic Receiver-Controller technical specifications
Specification Description
Action T-5800-1, -2, Single Input Models Direct or Reverse Acting, Field Selectable
T-5800-3, -4, Dual Input Models Direct or Reverse Acting with Direct or Reverse Readjustment, Field Selectable
Set Point Adjustment Factory Set Local at Approximately 9 psig (63 kPa), Field Selectable Local or Remote
Gain T-5800-1, -3 (Proportional-Only Models) Adjustable From 0.5:1 to 15:1, Factory Set at Approximately 10:1
T-5800-2, -4 (Proportional Plus Integral Models) Adjustable From 0.5:1 to 15:1, Factory Set at Approximately 5:1
Ratio (T-5800-3, -4 Only) Jumper 1:1 Variable From 0.1:1 to 2.5:1, Factory Set at Approximately 1:1
Jumper 3:1 Variable From 0.1:1 to 6:1, Factory Set at Approximately 3:1
Integral Time (T-5800-2, -4 Only) Adjustable From 0.01 to 30 Minutes (Per Repeat), Factory Set at Approximately Three Minutes
Supply Pressure 18 to 22 psig (126 to 154 kPa), Nominal 20 psig (140 kPa) Air Supply Must Be Clean, Dry, and Oil-Free
Air Consumption (Does Not Include Air Consumption for Transmitter Restrictors) T-5800-1 45 scim (12 mL/s)
T-5800-2 60 scim (16 mL/s)
T-5800-3 60 scim (16 mL/s)
T-5800-4 75 scim (20 mL/s)
Output Capacity 1000 scim
Materials Body Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene
Cover Clear Acrylic Thermoplastic
Mounting Surface
Air Connections Two Detachable Connectors with Barbed Fittings for 1/4 in. O.D. Polytubing
Ambient Operating Limits Temperature 50 to 120°F (10 to 49°C)
Humidity 10 to 90% RH at Maximum Dew Point or 85°F (29°C)
Ambient Storage Temperature Limits -20 to 150°F (-29 to 66°C)