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Pneumatic Receiver-Controller
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Table 1. T-5800 Pneumatic Receiver-Controller
Code Number Description
T-5800-1 Single Input, Proportional
T-5800-2 Single Input, Proportional Plus Integral
T-5800-3 Dual Input, Proportional
T-5800-4 Dual Input, Proportional Plus Integral
Table 2. Accessories and Maintenance Parts for T-5800
Code Number Callout Description
T-5800-100 --- Time Delay
JC 5361 --- Hypodermic Needle Test Probe
JC 5383A --- Calibration Kit
G-2010-5 A Gauge, 0 to 30 psig (0 to 210 kPa)
A-4000-1037 B Oil Indicating Filter Assembly
T-5800-600 C Connectors, Input and Output