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The T-5800 Pneumatic Receiver-Controller is designed for use with remote temperature, humidity, or pressure transmitters that are connected to a control variable (CV) input. The controller provides precise control of pneumatic devices. The T-5800 is capable of providing restricted supply air to low volume remote transmitters, reducing the number of air line connections needed between instruments to only one line. The “CV” input accepts the transmitted output of any pneumatic device with a calibrated output of 3 to 15 psig (21 to 105 kPa).

Refer to T-5800 Pneumatic Receiver-Controller Product Bulletin (LIT-7171310P) for important product information.

Figure 1. T-5800-4 Dual Input Receiver-Controller

Figure 2. T-5800-100 Time Delay

Figure 3. T-5800 Maintenance Parts