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Pneumatic Receiver-Controller
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  • T-5800-1 and T-5800-3 Proportional-Only Control is an accepted means of controlling variables such as:
    • discharge air temperature
    • humidity
    • water temperature
    • pressure
  • T-5800-2 and T-5800-4 Proportional Plus Integral (PI) Control is an accepted means of controlling variables such as closed-loop arrangements utilizing modulating control devices where the control point offset associated with proportional-only control is undesirable.

    Applications include:
    • static pressure of return fans
    • return fan volume control
    • chilled water temperature control
  • T-5800-100 Time Delay provides adjustable times in order to allow the system to approach the proportional control point before the integral function of the T-5800 is initiated. The PI function takes over when the pressure of the time delay signal is approximately 0.5 PSI (3.5 kPa) below the integral supply pressure (9 psig).
  • optional time delay available for use with the built-in automatic control cutout feature of the T-5800 Series PI Receiver Controllers.