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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Security and IT Guide

Johnson Controls
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OpenBlue Central Utility Plant
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Security and IT Guide
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The Audit Log continuously tracks user modifications to Plant Optimizer. Enter an explanation for each modification that you make to the operation. The following modifications appear in the Audit Log:
  • Forecast input overrides, for example, loads, weather, dynamic utility rates.
  • Manual input entries, for example, occupancy schedules, equipment maintenance schedules, fixed utility rates.
  • Changes in the equipment availability schedule.
  • Operating mode changes, for example, switching between Auto mode and Advisory mode.

The CUP technical support team can provide logs for a user's last change, add, and delete upon request. You can only access data through Plant Optimizer and you can download, or export, all data sets, including JSON models, and delete data. It is the user's responsibility to implement an appropriate backup strategy in the event of any data corruption. In case of end of agreement, you have access to the application for a transition period to extract or delete any data files or model files. After the transition period, the data is deleted.

Plant Optimizer can be configured to utilize a non-Johnson Controls logging site called LogDna that ships non-sensitive data, outbound only from site to logdna.com, which allows Johnson Controls users to see real time application logs.