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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Security and IT Guide

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OpenBlue Central Utility Plant
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Security and IT Guide
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You can develop scenarios and simulations in the cloud-based Plant Simulator using the latest historical weather, load, utility pricing, and equipment performance data gathered by the on-premises Plant Optimizer. You can compare simulation results to as-run results stored in Plant Optimizer.

You can set Plant Simulator to import data from Plant Optimizer to share information. After a one-time initial large data export, Plant Optimizer exports hourly change of value (COV) data to Plant Simulator once per day.

Plant Optimizer and Plant Simulator use Oauth-based token authentication to secure communication between the tools. The steps for communication between Plant Optimizer and Plant Simulator are as follows:
  • A RESTful end point is established, and a common user is created and provided to Plant Optimizer.
  • Plant Optimizer connects with an Information Management System (IMS) end point, which is the same end point used by Plant Simulator for authentication, to generate an Oauth token with credentials provided by Plant Simulator.
  • The Oauth token is passed with JSON data to Plant Simulator end point.
  • Plant Simulator end point then validates the Oauth token and, if successful, receives the JSON data sent from Plant Optimizer.

A token is generated each time Plant Optimizer sends a data request to Plant Simulator end point. For each request from Plant Optimizer, a new Oauth token is generated to authenticate the request.