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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Security and IT Guide

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OpenBlue Central Utility Plant
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Security and IT Guide
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Johnson Controls® OpenBlue Plant Optimizer is a software solution that uses data from the plant automation system and from external web services to advise operators in making the optimal operating decisions. OpenBlue Plant Optimizer can also operate the central plant automatically, while it informs operators of each change in advance.

Plant Optimizer supplies predictive optimization algorithms and provides a user interface for real-time monitoring and supervisory control of the central plant. With a HTTPS connection, you can access the Plant Optimizer user interface from any browser.

There are three different system architecture options for the OpenBlue Central Utility Plant (CUP) software applications, which are flexible to customer-specific requirements:
  1. The Plant Optimizer application runs on virtual servers on premise, while the Plant Simulator and Plant Monitor applications run in Johnson Controls' cloud environment.
  2. All applications run in the cloud with a connection through OpenBlue Bridge, which can run on a local virtual machine or a Johnson Controls furnished appliance.
  3. Plant Optimizer runs on virtual servers on premise with no external connections to the internet. However, in some cases there is a connection to a weather forecast service.
Under the architecture options 2 and 3, there can be outbound connections to collect weather forecasts, utility pricing data, demand response data, or to export Plant Optimizer data or application troubleshooting logs to the cloud. Outbound connections can be made through the internet (HTTPS) or a cellular modem within the OpenBlue Bridge appliance.
Figure 1. OpenBlue CUP expert package with Plant Optimizer on premise
Figure 2. OpenBlue CUP expert package with Plant Optimizer in the cloud
Figure 3. OpenBlue CUP 'no cloud' package with Plant Optimizer on premise