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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Security and IT Guide

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OpenBlue Central Utility Plant
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Security and IT Guide
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Plant Optimizer also integrates with third-party interfaces:
  • Log shipping for rapid technical support.
  • Accuweather and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Data Online (CDO) web service API's, which are a third-party interfaces, for 7-day weather forecasts.
  • Optional: Multiple electricity grid Independent System Operator (ISO) third-party APIs, for day ahead or real-time electricity market prices, for example, PJM and CAISO.
  • Optional: Multiple Curtailment Service Provider (CSP) third-party APIs for participation in economic demand response or capacity-based demand response programs. The types of data that may be transmitted through this integration include:
    • Demand Response Bid submissions, which include bid offer price and MW of curtailment.
    • Receipt of bid award status, to inform the customer of whether bids were accepted.
    • Submission of historic, and day of event, meter data, to measure baselines and confirm that the curtailment did occur.

Plant Simulator is a cloud-based application that integrates with:
  • Plant Optimizer, an on-premises application.
  • Accuweather, a third-party API, for historic dry bulb and wet bulb temperature data.