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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

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OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization
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Administration Guide
User Guide
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Plant Optimizer maintenance advisor gives you insight into the health and current status of plant equipment, which you can use to avoid business disruption, extend the operational life of equipment, reduce the number of emergency repairs through failure prediction, and reduce scheduled maintenance costs.

View the complete list of maintenance fault rules in the maintenance advisor summary page, which lists a number of helpful summaries. You can use the top 10 fault time-line to view a complete fault history for the plant, you can drill down into further detail as required.

A daily faults history is available for each plant. A date range can be specified, with duration and fault count, making it easy to see faults occurrence over time.

You can also search for and review individual health check faults to track relevant data trends for that fault.

Note: The Plant Optimizer maintenance advisor module is available to customers who elect to add this subscription. For details about how to add this subscription, contact your Johnson Controls CUP sales representative.