Weekly Plant Optimizer commissioning reports - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013036 - OpenBlue Central Utility Plant - OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization - v2024.Q2

OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

Product name
OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization
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Administration Guide
User Guide
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Receive a summary of Plant Optimizer events in a single report every Monday morning. To set up weekly reports, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Configuration screen, select Weekly Reports.
  2. In the Email Recipients field, enter the appropriate email address, and click Add.
  3. Click Save.

Receive a report of Plant Optimizer events for the past seven days including:
  • A summary of the dispatch failures.
  • A summary of the Plant Optimizer Windows services (SEER/MORPH) outages observed.
  • A summary of excessive cycling or short cycling of primary equipment.
  • A summary of the percentage of hours the plant is in Auto, Advisory, or Unavailable Mode.
  • A Site Efficiency weekly average report for the past seven days.