Updating a prediction model - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013036 - OpenBlue Central Utility Plant - OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization - v2024.Q2

OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

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OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization
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Administration Guide
User Guide
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About this task

Update the prediction model for a load coil entity in the OpenBlue Plant Optimizer by pasting the prediction model byte array text string generated in the OpenBlue Plant Simulator.


  1. In the Plant Optimizer administration application, from the menu at the top of the page, select Commissioning.
  2. Select Solver Parameters, and search for all entities that include the LoadConsumed_Power/PredictorModel parameter.
  3. Locate the relevant prediction model load coil entity in the search results, paste the byte array string generated in the Plant Simulator, and click Save to save the updated value.
  4. To cancel an update, click Cancel Request.
    Note: For persistent data associated with the byte array, updates do not take effect until midnight. You can cancel a request before this time. The audit log captures all manual requests and events.