Selecting auto and advisory modes - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013036 - OpenBlue Central Utility Plant - OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization - v2024.Q2

OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

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OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization
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Administration Guide
User Guide
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Select Auto mode to enable full automatic control of your system by CUP. Select Advisory mode to run CUP in advisory mode.


  1. On the main user interface, in the upper right of the screen, click the current mode text. For example, if the Plant Optimizer is in Advisory Mode, and you want to change to Auto Mode, click Advisory Mode.
  2. In the Switch Operating Mode window, select the new operating mode.
  3. In the Switch Operating Mode window, in the empty text box, enter an explanation for the change in operating mode. This explanation appears in the Audit Log. For more information about the Audit Log, see Working with the audit log.
  4. To complete the request, click Switch Mode.


Plant Optimizer contacts the plant automation system to confirm the change in operational mode. This can take several seconds.
Note: In the event of a dispatch failure, when Plant Optimizer is in Unavailable Auto mode, you can change the mode to Unavailable Advisory.
  • Do NOT operate Plant Optimizer in AUTO mode with overrides in place at device or within the plant automation system. If overrides are used to switch a device on, either through automation system software operator overrides or hardware switch, this will cause Plant Optimizer to need to account for flow or load being added to the system. If overrides are used to disable devices, and too many devices are disabled, Plant Optimizer may have failed dispatches and the system will failover automatically back to Advisory mode. Instead of operator overrides, enter equipment “out of service” or “must run” schedules in Plant Optimizer or use maintenance disable switches in the plant automation system, where possible. If manual overrides must be used, place Plant Optimizer in ADVISORY mode.