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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

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OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization
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Use the Totals over Time Period report to view information about central utilities production, energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and utility cost over your specified time horizon. The report's Greenhouse Gas Emissions section displays the carbon impact of each applicable utility type and the total across all utility types. To create a summary report, complete the following steps:


  1. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, click History and select Totals over Time Period from the menu.
  2. From the Start Date and End Date calendars, select a start date and an end date.
  3. Click Run Report to generate the report.


The report displays in the collapsible sections on the page. The report sections include cost, greenhouse gas emissions, chilled water, electricity, and water. The Total Supplier Cost column includes the original cost amount of the procured commodities from the supplier. The GHG Cost column includes the greenhouse gas emissions cost, and the Total Cost column includes the cost incurred from the actual utilization of the commodities by the individual equipment.