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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

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OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization
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Administration Guide
User Guide
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Use the History menu option to view reports about the performance and operation of your sites for a definable period of time.

Plant Optimizer includes five report types:

Use Trends to view and export trends of key performance indicators, including consumption, production, efficiency, utility cost for specific equipment, plants, and loops. Trends are also available for weather data, load data, and Plant Optimizer operating mode. You can plot four trends of hourly data for each chart, and generate an unlimited number of charts.
Actual vs Target Trends
Use Actual vs Target Trends to compare operator dispatches in advisory mode to optimal dispatches, and estimate the resulting impact in utility usage and expense for each dispatch period.
Monthly Report
Use the Monthly Operating Mode Report to compare the time that the Plant Optimizer spends in each operating mode. There are four modes: Auto, Advisory, Unavailable, and Missing Data. The report displays a percentage of the time spent in each mode for each month in a specified time period. Missing data represents time periods where the operating mode was not saved in the database due to loss of network communication or server availability.
Use Monthly Savings to compare actual monthly average plant efficiency with a configured baseline efficiency for individual sites or the plant. The savings values in this view are not true savings, but rather a proxy metric indicating order of magnitude savings. A full measurement and verification analysis that uses the Plant Simulator is required to calculate the true savings values enabled by the Plant Optimizer.
Totals over Time Period
Use the Site Summary report to obtain sum total amounts for utility production, consumption, and utility cost for a definable period of time.
Scatter Charts
Use Scatter Charts to visualize efficiency versus production, for each set of plants on a common loop. You can select from three chart types, Single Time Period, Compare by Operating Mode, or Compare by Time Period. This feature is currently available only for loops with electric chilled water plants.