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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

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OBEM Central Utility Plant Optimization
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Administration Guide
User Guide
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Use the graphical interface on the current operations page to see information about the current status of your plant.

When you log on to Plant Optimizer, the landing page is the current operations page. The page contains a high-level visual representation of the real-time operations of a plant, including details of plant production levels, utility import and consumption, utilization relative to plant capacities, and overall site-wide efficiency or coefficient of performance. Use the current operations page to monitor the plant or overall current electricity demand, greenhouse gas emissions, and peak electricity demand month-to-date, or for the relevant demand billing period. Greenhouse gas emission rate values on the landing page are updated every 15 minutes, showing emissions for the last 1 hour. You can also see how one or more plants are connected to one another on different utility resource loops.

Note: At the top of the current operations page, under Imports, the current peak demand period is displayed against peak demand target for electricity. Actual represents the value of electricity power demand for that dispatch period, as measured in the plant automation system, and Target represents the modeled optimal value for electricity power demand for that dispatch period, if the system is following Plant Optimizer recommended setpoints, modeled by the Plant Optimizer. Peak electric demand is displayed from the first of the month to the current date, and will reset at the end of month.

Hover over Electricity (kW) in the Imports box to view the Actual and Target values for the Electric Supplier Import, Central Plants Electricity, and Peak Import MTD (Month To Date).

Click Plant Equipment or Plant Loops on the current operations page to navigate to specific equipment pages, where you can view information and performance summary metrics for specific equipment or loop systems, track consumption, and monitor the efficiency of a plant, running against a load, using live data. Loop summary pages are similar to the current operations page, but focus on one specific loop of interconnected plants.

Plant pages display plant-level summary data, for example, utilization %, production, plant-wide efficiencies, efficiency breakdowns by equipment type and supply temperatures, and key performance indicators (KPI) for each item of primary equipment. Use these pages to quickly see which equipment is on and the current production and efficiency levels when troubleshooting or responding to problem calls. If an item of equipment is offline or marked as with a maintenance switch in the plant automation system or if the equipment is scheduled as out-of-service, the visual representation of that equipment appears gray in the user interface.

A plant efficiency breakdown is available for chillers, pumps, and cooling towers with electric consumption such as:
  • Water cooled CHW plant
  • Air cooled CHW plant
  • Heat recovery CHW plant
  • Heat pump CHW plant
  • Water-to-water reversible heat pump CHW plant
Note: For plants with equipment on multiple sides of a same-resource heat exchanger, such as chilled water-to-chilled water heat exchangers or hot water-to-hot water heat exchangers, the equipment pages are organized so that the equipment on the producer side of the heat exchanger is displayed separately from the equipment on the consumer side of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger displays on both equipment pages.