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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

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OpenBlue Central Utility Plant
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Economic load demand response (ELDR) is an incentive-based demand response program that you can use to generate revenue by reducing electrical consumption during certain hours of the day. This option is available if you participate in an ELDR program.

Use the ELDR interface to track participation, override participation bids, and display demand response results.

The chart at the top of the ELDR page displays the data that the Plant Optimizer uses to determine participation recommendations. The chart displays one day of hourly data for the following items:
  • Baseline electrical load
  • Electrical import
  • Curtailed electrical load
  • Real-time locational marginal pricing
  • Day-ahead locational marginal pricing

The Net Benefit Test Amount value above the chart displays the threshold on the supplier curve where the net benefit exceeds the cost to load. Hover over the chart to view the data values for each time period. You can also select the check boxes in the legend at the bottom of the chart to enable and disable the data points that you want to view in the chart.

The ELDR Participation and Curtailment table at the bottom of the page displays the participation recommendations. You can use this table to view the following information:
  • Restricted hours, when the program is not available
  • Participation or non-participation
  • Locked hours, when you cannot modify participation
  • Curtailment amount during periods of participation

Users with sufficient privileges can perform participation overrides and enable or disable participation in the program on an hourly basis.