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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

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OpenBlue Central Utility Plant
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Use the equipment schedule to declare specific time periods where primary equipment must run or if they are out of service. Equipment out of service schedules or must run schedules are not currently available for pumps. Equipment cannot have Must Run and Out of Service scheduled for the same time.


  1. In the Future Inputs tab, click Equipment Schedule.
  2. On the Equipment Schedule page, click Add Equipment Schedule.
  3. In the Add Equipment Schedule window, in the Type of schedule area, select a schedule type.
  4. From the Select Equipment list, select the appropriate equipment.
  5. In the Duration of Schedule section, select a start and end date.
  6. Optional: To use a recurring schedule, select Recurrence Schedule.
    1. Select Start time and End Time values to define a time range.
    2. Optional: Select All day schedule to run the equipment schedule for a full day.
    3. Optional: For the Every field, you can select the number of weeks you want the equipment schedule to execute. For example, once every week.
    4. Optional: Select the days of the week you want the equipment schedule to run on. If the days you select do not align with the dates specified for the Duration of Schedule, you are notified with an error message.
  7. In the comments field, enter a reason for the schedule.
  8. Click Schedule. After you add a recurring event schedule, you can delete or edit the occurrences individually or collectively.


The timeline changes color to show when equipment must run or out of service. Must Run is displayed in purple and Out of Service is displayed in gray.