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OpenBlue Plant Optimizer Administration and User Guide

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OpenBlue Central Utility Plant
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Administration Guide
User Guide
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The Equipment Availability page shows the availability status of equipment and the time and reason for the latest status change. Primary equipment is grayed out in the Plant Equipment page when supporting ancillary equipment such as pumps or valves are unavailable.

Use the Equipment Availability page when Plant Optimizer shifts to unavailable auto or unavailable advisory mode to investigate if failed dispatches are due to unavailable equipment. The Reason column is filled only if the equipment is unavailable, the reasons include:
  • BAS Listener Service Starting Up
  • Availability/OperationalStatus ProcessVariable Value is 0 (Controller is offline, BAS maintenance switch is enabled, BAS operator override, Equipment local override)
  • Temporary Unavailable due to Minimum off time (Algorithm Logic)
  • Scheduled as Out of Service
  • Unavailable to enable because upcoming Out of Service Schedule starts within the Minimum on time for equipment health