Troubleshooting - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013696 - 2.2.1

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Table 1. Troubleshooting
Condition Cause Solution
Transceivers fail to provision
  • Transceivers might fail to provision when the host network requires a static IP address and its DHCP services are disabled.
  • Transceivers might fail to provision through a mobile device if the host network has a slow issuance of IP addresses via DHCP. If it takes the mobile device longer than 30-60 seconds to acquire an IP address lease, the Bluzone mobile application times out and returns a failure response.
  • Set up a segmented VLAN with DHCP.
  • Leave the transceiver plugged in and it may successfully lease an address.
Excessive transceiver reconnects
If a transceiver reconnects too frequently, its signal might be hampered. The following conditions can hamper transceiver signal:
  • The transceiver is too far from a Wi-Fi access point.
  • The signal is obstructed by RF material, for example, metal.
  • There are too many overlapping Wi-Fi points.
  • Move the transceiver closer.
  • Remove obstructions.
  • Reposition Wi-Fi points to avoid overlap and reduce signal noise.
Network throttling

Transceivers might experience network throttling issues if they connect to cellular-based internet access points with assigned upload and download speeds. You may also have issues if they exceed data caps.

Connect to non-cellular internet.
Captive Portals Transceiver does not connect on a network with a captive portal.

Transceivers are not compatible with captive portals that require you accept web-based terms and conditions.