Transceiver requirements - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013696 - 2.2.1

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Johnson Controls
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Configure transceivers with the following credentials:
  • The relevant wireless network Wi-Fi SSID details.
  • The associated security key that connects to the Wi-Fi network.

Location Manager transceivers require the following conditions for Wi-Fi connectivity:

  • For transceivers to access Bluzone Cloud, the wireless network must allow automated and non-expiring login.
  • Wi-Fi is machine to machine optimized and does not implement HTML sign-on.
  • The only compatible certificate formats are .pem and .der.
  • Transceivers are compatible with 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi only.
  • Transceivers support an 802.11 b/g/n network.
  • Networks that support a large number of transceivers and beacons, for example, 800 beacons or 200 transceivers, require an upload speed of at least 8 Mbps.
  • Enable MAC address filtering. Add the MAC of the transceiver to the whitelist.
  • Ensure that the HTML5 web socket traffic is not blocked.

Configure these ports to support transceiver connectivity:

  • 443: The transceiver uses an https and WSS web socket connection to communicate with the cloud application.
  • 123: The transceiver uses this port to connect with NTP (Network Time Protocol) information.