Enhancements - Johnson Controls - LIT-12013755 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.1

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager What's New in Release 4.1

Johnson Controls
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Table 1. EM Enhancements
Feature Details Benefit
Energy Manager Support for the following new commodities:
  • Compressed air

  • Waste

New commodities are supported through online, offline, and virtual meters.

Monitor new commodities at the meter level and space level dashboards.

New Energy Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) rules:
  • High energy consumption

  • High occupied energy consumption

  • High unoccupied energy consumption

  • High weekend energy consumption

  • Electrical peak demand above threshold

  • Unoccupied peak demand above threshold

  • Weekend electrical peak demand above threshold

Users have an increased number of rules to monitor energy consumption and demand.

Support for custom units

EM now supports custom units using offline and virtual meters.

This feature helps users to create unique KPIs such as kWh/Occupant Count to measure the amount of electricity per occupant or other creative KPIs.

The data with custom units is available at the respective meter level dashboards and custom dashboards.

Enhanced fault-to-space and fault-to-meter mapping Users can now bulk map faults to spaces and meters instead of having to map them individually.
Asset Manager

Asset Manager has the following UX enhancements:

  • New fault FDD results page design:
    • Send fault details to any email address

    • Add comments to a fault results page

    • Add additional points to fault trends
    • View fault interdependencies

Users can now:

  • View a detailed fault page that outlines all critical information to analyze and diagnose a fault
  • View all relevant data trends available in a single pane for improved fault analysis
  • Email fault information from the fault page dashboard instead of having to create a work order
  • Quickly identify the root cause of faults, and separate out symptom faults
  • View fault and diagnostics rules to quickly understand them and see their logic
Tenant Billing Application Send all validated tenant bills with one click

Building owners can download and validate bills from one dashboard.

Building owners can send all bills to tenants with one click.

Capture After Hours calculation from Metasys or a physical switch When the after-hours requests are made through a switch or BAS, they are captured and accounted for in billing for after hours.
Tenant Manager

Building owners now bulk download all the generated tenant bills

Useful for building owners with a large number of tenants who want to download and see all generated bills with one click.

The building owner can now select a date range and download all the tenants bills generated between the dates.

Building owners can now download automated bills or manual bills or both.

Space Performance Changes to Space Utilization calculation

The calculation now uses the average function rather than the median function to reflect more realistic usage of the space.