Tenant portal - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.2.1

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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Product Bulletin
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The Tenant Portal allows a tenant to track energy spend and consumption and provide feedback to the building owner.

The Tenant Portal includes the following features:

  • Dashboards for tenant details, electrical usage, commodity consumption breakdown, after hours requests and where-you-rank.
  • Create after hours request for one time, weekly, and monthly.
  • Create after hours requests with floor plan.
  • View after hours request, manage bulk requests, manage email notifications, and schedule public holidays in your requests.
  • Tenant Rating allows tenants to provide feedback on a 5 star scale for the following three KPI’s:
    • Transparency of received invoices
    • Speed of resolving reported cases
    • Quality of office spaces
  • Tenant access grants access to, or restricts tenants from viewing, particular widgets