Tenant billing module - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.2.1

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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The Tenant Billing module calculates and auto-generates bills for tenants, covering consumption for multiple commodities such as Electricity, Water, Gas. In addition, it auto-generates bills specific to After Hours requests. There is the flexibility of choosing multiple tariff rates, creating draft versions of the bills as well as generating bills based on historical data.

Tenant setup and billing includes the following:

  • Tenant setup (biller details and tenant mapping)
  • Tenant user setup and configuration
  • Choosing different rates for different utility providers and different meters assigned to the tenant
  • Using historical data to generate bills
  • Tenant licensing, tenant bill generation sharing by email
  • Building Owner bill generation and sharing email
  • After Hours setup
  • After Hours for holidays and non-working days
  • After Hours data collector configuration
  • Tenant bill summary
  • After Hours request summary
  • Capturing After Hours calculations from Metasys or a physical switch
  • Creating draft versions of the bill for editing it later
  • Exporting bills in PDF format
  • Bulk sending all validated bills
  • Bulk downloading of bills