Fault notification - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.2.1

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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A Bell icon, which is an indicator of a Fault Notification, is located in the upper right corner of the screen, and notifies you of all the latest faults. This Bell icon is present throughout the application, including the setup screen, so that you can easily review the last seven days of faults while on any page. You can see all the faults by clicking the Bell icon. The number on the Bell icon represents the number of all unacknowledged faults from the last seven days.

Click the Filter icon in the upper right-hand corner to filter and display the faults by priority. Faults are color coded with the legend given at the top of the notification screen. Click the Information icon on the right-hand side of the fault to display the Portfolio, Location and Equipment associated with the fault. Click the Acknowledge icon on the right-hand side of the fault to acknowledge and removes the fault from the notification window.