OBEM - CMMS Integration Framework - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.2.1

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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OBEM uses CMMS integration framework to capture work order and ticketing information in a structured way that is normalized across different CMMS systems.

You can develop specific connectors over the framework to accommodate third-party systems.

Generic Connector Approach

  • Integration with third-party CMMS vendors where CMMS Framework exposes the relevant ticket or fault information to a vendor in a generic format.
  • Work order status syncs using the Call back API, whereas CMMS vendor manages the work order management workflow on the vendor side.
  • Support for Proteus®.

Specific Connector Approach

  • Caters to specific customer needs and CMMS vendor capabilities for integration.
  • Support for Service Now® and Ramdor®.

The framework enables other Johnson Controls digital applications like OpenBlue Companion, OpenBlue Connected Equipment Portal (CEP) to integrate with OBEM with regard to CMMS requirements.