Data rich landing page - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.2.1

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The Data Rich landing page provides the same information as the simplified landing page and various important portfolio-level KPIs such as Electricity, Water, Fault Summary, Equipment Efficiency, Fault and Equipment Categorization, Connected Locations, Alarms, and Commodity Consumption Comparison.

In the Connected Locations widget, you can click specific pins on the map and the data updates for the selected location or building.

Click any of the KPIs on the landing page to automatically navigate to the specific page where you can view further details about that data.

Portfolio KPIs

Portfolio KPIs provide you with a quick look at various energy and asset KPIs for a selected space, for example, portfolio, location, or building. Click the All KPI button to hide or un-hide a specific set of KPIs. The KPIs also have color indications based on the minimum and maximum threshold values assigned to respective KPI values.

Commodity Consumption

This dashboard easily tracks your commodity consumption. You can select between different commodities from a drop-down menu. All commodities that are currently mapped to the portfolio are available to you. You can also perform a day-to-day consumption comparison for a commodity, or select between various other timelines for comparisons including weekly, monthly, twice yearly, yearly, or a custom range.

Equipment Fault Category

The Equipment Fault Category dashboard shows equipment and category faults. All Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDDs) are categorized in each of the fault categories of Comfort, Compliance, Energy, Maintenance, and Miscellaneous. All equipment is categorized in the parent equipment family it belongs to. On this dashboard you can:
  • Hover over any of the categories to show the number of faults on each piece of equipment in that category
  • Use the toggle button at the top of the chart to switch between Time and Count
  • Toggle between preferred timelines
  • Sort the fault list according to your preferences. Sortable attributes include fault category, fault priority, duration.