Green Hub and Editor - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.2.1

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Product Bulletin

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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Product Bulletin
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Promote and inspire- Enhance the story of your building’s performance and green features by communicating the unique story of energy efficiency technologies employed by your facility.

Engagement- Create a dynamic and interactive experience that engages occupants and fosters collaboration through real-time energy and water-use reduction comparisons.

Educate- Provide insight into how your building uses, spends, and consumes electricity, as well as provide green tips on how to conserve energy.

Inform- Improve the dissemination of information by including convenient, current, and accurate information through announcements, notifications, and events. With OBEM, you can add a fully configurable, maintainable, interactive, and slideshow, Kiosk that can display several kinds of content.