Data Auditor - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.2.1

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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Use the Data Auditor to monitor and improve the quality of data and analytics. OBEM calculates the data health score at portfolio, location, and building levels and helps you to understand the overall quality of data and identifies areas of improvement. Data Auditor showcases the following:
  • The controllers responsible for poor data health score
  • The impacted meters and equipment
  • The best and worst locations and buildings as a data quality trend

The Data Auditor monitors gateway health based on the heartbeat functionality of the data collection device, and is extended to OpenBlue Bridge. You receive recommendations for improvement, for example, data health score, details of offline gateway, offline controller, and BACnet controller not responding. These recommendations help to improve the overall data health score. Use the gateway health history to understand issues and receive tips for improving data health score based on the incident type.

Data Auditor can list the following:

  • Controllers at building level impacting the data loss
  • Meter details at building level impacted due to poor quality or missing data
  • Details of equipment impacted due to missing or poor quality data.
  • Equipment details such as associated space and FDD count.

Use this information to understand the impact of data loss in OBEM, identify the controllers responsible for data loss, and to take quick action to improve the data health score to a positive level.