Compliance Manager - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.2.1

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Use the Compliance Manager app to monitor various compliance related data like temperature, pressure, and humidity (TPH) monitoring in critical environments like hospital operating rooms. The Critical Environments Advisor dashboard provides overall compliance for all spaces. Recently non-compliant spaces are displayed for quick action. Compliance Manager has the following benefits:

  • BMS integration or add-on sensor technology automates data collection
  • Data analytics regularly evaluates compliance and intelligently identifies root causes for common non-compliant issues
  • Data is always stored digitally and securely
  • Quick and easy automated compliance reporting

Critical Environments Advisor widgets

The following widgets are available in the Critical Environments Advisor tab of Compliance Manager:
Overall Compliance
The chart shows the percentage of spaces maintaining operating parameters in compliance ranges. The Current view shows the percentage of spaces currently within compliance based on the last set of data received for every point. This is the default view for the widget. Compliance Manager has the following categories of spaces:
  • Compliant: If all three configured TPH points are within the minimum/maximum range and there is no missing data for any point.
  • Out of Compliance: If any of the three configured TPH points are out of the minimum/maximum range.
  • Data not received: If any of the data for the three configured TPH points is missing.
Spaces Recently Out of Compliance
List of spaces that had at least one operating parameter move out of compliant ranges. Select Current, Today, or Yesterday to view information on recent out of compliance spaces.
Compliance Calendar
The calendar shows the count of spaces that had at least one operating parameter move out of compliant ranges on each day of the displayed month.
Out of Compliance Trend
A line graph shows the number of spaces that went out of compliance at each point in time for the selected time period. Use the time range selection options to adjust the time displayed time period of the graph. Use the data aggregation button below the graph to specify how data is aggregated.
Compliance Report
Shows a tabular view of all critical space parameter sensor readings. Each reading is evaluated against compliance minimum and maximum ranges to determine a Pass, Warning, or Fail result. OBEM displays automated comments for fail results when determined. You can also manually enter fail comments of up to 100 characters. Use the quick filters above the table to precisely narrow your wanted data set, and easily generate a compliance report.