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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Product Bulletin

Johnson Controls
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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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Product Bulletin
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OpenBlue Bridge (OBB) is a software gateway that provides bi-directional edge to cloud, and cloud to edge data communication. It connects disparate sub-systems through a library of connectors and integrations to integrate the next generation smart building. Data is stored in the cloud for data enrichment, and applications then use the enriched datasets for better analytics and predictions. OpenBlue Bridge uses various protocols to identify equipment discovery, capture events, run analytics at the edge, and manage devices. OBB provides the following benefits:

  • Next generation gateway replaces Universal Software Gateway (USG) and data collectors
  • Protocols supported: MQTT and BACnet/IP
  • More portability
  • Increased scalability
  • Auto updates using Pelion
  • Increased protocol support
  • Remote access no longer needed
  • Better security