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Johnson Controls
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The Power BI reports are as follows:

Tenant Consumption Report
This report displays an overview of tenant billing. View a comparison of meter consumption for tenants against the previous year's average consumption data. You can drill down to view specific commodity consumption data. Use this report to bill tenants correctly.
Tenant Finance Report
This report displays the finance for each tenant. Bill types are set to automatic for monthly bill periods. To create a manual bill type, select a non-monthly bill period. Use this report to view commodity consumption and charges for each tenant.
Meter Reading Report
This report displays the meter opening and closing reading for the selected meter for multiple commodities along with the consumption details for the selected period. You can schedule this data to understand the consumption and the actual associated meter readings to be delivered to your email for the required duration.
Meeting room booking report
This report displays details about the occupancy trends, extended meetings, and canceled meetings for a selected time frame.
Workstation booking report
This report displays details about the usage trends, no-shows, extensions in booking of workstations for different spaces across dates.