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Microsoft's Power BI application is embedded into EM, providing the most powerful report creation capability for the world of smart buildings. Power BI is a collection of software services that work together to turn unrelated sources of buildings information into interactive insights. Use Power BI to easily connect to your data sources and discover what is important to share while also helping you visualize that data as you share it out with key stakeholders. Every report that is built has view and edit modes that are configurable in EM roles and rights section. With Power BI, facility managers can build energy related reports such as:

  • Energy summary of buildings
  • Building energy contribution
  • Degree days based energy consumption
  • Portfolio overall demand and other important visualizations

Upon exposing the appropriate datasets you can also get interactive insights on your HVAC asset performance that is critical for equipment such as chillers, AHUs, VAVs among others. Correlation of consumption with respect to running hours makes identification of wastages and other silos very easy with visualizations on Power BI.

You have the liberty to define visuals, filters, shapes, text boxes, drill-throughs, and visualizations. Power BI is a powerful SaaS application that can be accessed through EM without having to worry about underlying infrastructure.