FDD Driven Work Orders - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.1.2

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Scheduled maintenance activities do not address issues that could crop up in-between schedules. EM analyzes patterns, recognizes issues, and can generate work orders to designated personnel at a scheduled point in time, when the maintenance is most cost effective, and before the equipment loses performance within a threshold.

EM’s Maintenance Management app focuses on solving the issues by enabling users to raise work orders for faulty equipment. These work orders are then assigned to field technicians, who then visit the buildings to resolve the issues. When the technician resolves the issues, they can close the ticket (Work orders).

  • Work orders can be created directly from the FDD equipment page.
  • Automated work orders can be set for global and custom equipment fault rules.

  • Work order information is pre-filled using data from configuration information.
  • Additional tasks can be added as required.
  • The tasks can be checked or unchecked to include or exclude them from the task list.
  • Resource names belonging to a maintenance team can be reviewed by clicking on the View Resources button.
  • The Work order is sent to all users in the maintenance team:
    • Upon completion of the assigned task, the maintenance technician generates a service report, updates the status, and closes the ticket.
    • All communications are maintained over email, and in Chat Conversations in the Maintenance Management app whenever the state of the work order changes.
  • The Summary Dashboard measures the performance of maintenance teams by tracking specific KPIs, such as Open Work Orders, Total Work Orders, Time to Respond, Equipment Category Based Work Orders.
  • Technicians are able to view the fault trend of the fault for which the work order has been raised, to make an informed decision before working on the fault.
  • For every work order raised, users can converse with the technicians in the EM application, attaching documents as needed in the conversation thread.