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EM Green Hub is a powerful public-facing tool that enables Building Owners to showcase their properties’ energy conservation and sustainability measures.

By hosting on a large touch screen in your facility’s lobby or common area, you can introduce visitors to your building’s sophisticated operating systems, providing the public with an interactive and dynamic presentation of your building’s most innovative green building features.

The Green Hub display shows live data including current energy and water usage, reductions in CO2 emissions, outside air conditions (temperature, humidity, wind direction/speed) and more. Users and visitors can view information about the organization, its history, programs, goals and objectives.

A very powerful Green Hub Editor enables the Green Hub display to be easily configured, allowing for changes to content, color scheme, and logos, as required. The Green Hub Editor keeps information current and relevant, and visually appealing. Even non-technical users can perform the updates. The Green Hub requires a separate subscription license, as it is an add-on feature.

Green Hub features:

  • An intuitive view of the Green Hub Maps provides more flexibility to select locations from the map
  • Hyperlinks to the Tenant Portal. This aids the users who access both from the same machine.
  • You can display the data of single buildings or locations on Green Hub with the help of charts (configured using EM), data points, videos, images and texts.
  • You can configure tabs that showcase building events, highlight details with respect to Transport, Cafeteria, nearby attractions and many more.
  • The Green Hub can display building and floor comparisons.
  • The site admin has the provision to create new users and also assign them the appropriate access rights.
  • The Green Hub is accessible in 8 Languages – Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish