Fault Analysis page - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.1.2

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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The fault page outlines all critical information to analyze and diagnose an occurring fault. The following panes are available on the fault page dashboard:

  • Fault Information - Provides all the fault data such as fault name, category, duration and details on the first and last occurrences, and potential cost impact.
  • Fault Trend - Displays all relevant data trends available in a single pane for fault analysis.
  • Work Order Info - Use the fault to email option to send fault information to any email address. Use this dashboard to create work orders.
  • Equipment and Fault Relationships - View additional faults related to the current equipment and the impact they have on other equipment. You can also view this information as a relationship map.
  • Activity - Build up service history through annotations during fault and maintenance responses.
  • Diagnostics - View diagnostic information broken down for faults with feedback loops to track success counts, and view the rule logic behind the fault.