Data cleansing and normalization - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012497 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.1.2

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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EM gathers data sets from various sources along with other user-specific data and normalizes them in a central location. The data can then be analyzed to look for anomalies and potential problems that identify opportunities for improvement or optimization.

Data Cleansers provides you with an ability to see the anomalies with respect to the boundaries the user has defined.

Data Spike shows the spike for demand and consumption, providing you with information to address the sudden spike, and thereby maintaining the loads that are avoiding penalties (For example: Demand Limiting).

Out of range Data eliminates noises with respect to the limits defined by you per point and displays the cleansed data on the dashboards.

Meter Roll Over logic addresses the scenario where the meter consumption value gets reset when it exceeds the maximum value for that meter. The logic takes care of how the difference in calculation occurs when the meter reset occurs.

Sub-Spaces within Building: The thermal map appears for sub-spaces defined under a building with floor type set as Office area.