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This scenario outlines how to configure OBEM locations and spaces at a large campus.

The homepage of OBEM is the portfolio landing dashboard. This dashboard has a map which displays all the locations in your portfolio, and two widgets which display information about the building performance and faults in each location.

If your portfolio includes clusters of buildings all over the world, it makes sense to define each cluster as a location. This populates the map with points all over the world corresponding to each cluster of buildings. This makes it easy to navigate from one collection of buildings to another. Figure 21 shows an example of how OBEM represents this kind of portfolio configuration on its map. In the example, the user has configured one location in Australia and one location in the USA. The user can configure multiple buildings at these locations.

Figure 1. Global Portfolio Example

The configuration in Figure 21 suits portfolios with premises in different geographical areas. However, if your portfolio is a single cluster of buildings concentrated in one geographical area, such as a university campus, it is more useful to define each individual building as a location. This makes it easier to navigate from one building to another, and makes information about the performance of individual buildings accessible.

Figure 2. Campus buildings configured as individual locations

The configuration in Figure 22 makes it easy to directly access information about specific buildings in the user's portfolio. Such a configuration also makes comparisons between buildings easier, because many OBEM widgets roll up data to the location level, and therefore provide detailed visualizations of an individual building's performance if the user configures it as a distinct location.

Figure 3. Location-level widgets displaying data for an individual building

Figure 23 shows the Energy Manager Overview dashboard in OBEM. The dashboard widgets display information specific to the Avera Health & Science Building. The navigation tree in the upper left of the screen lists campus buildings as individual locations.