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Decide on space naming conventions. It is a good idea to use standard naming conventions similar to the names in the OBEM or BAS system. Both experts and non-experts are likely to use OBEM, and it is important that both types of user can understand the naming conventions.

Table 1. Space definition
Name Description
Portfolio name JCI Corporate
Location Dublin
Buildings Tower 1 Tower 2 Tower 3 White Meadow Hospital
Floors Basement plant, three floors of office space Five floors of office space Basement office space, two floors of office space Two floors of office space
Wings/zones/rooms Three wings on each floor, reflecting retail tenants Two wings on floors 4 and 5, three wings on floors 1, 2, and 3 Two wings on floor 1 and 2 Six wings on each floor

Tip: Locations represent a geographical location. In this case, the location is Dublin. There is only one facility in Dublin, which comprises of three buildings. If a portfolio includes multiple buildings in the same city, a user might assign more than one location to the same city, for example, Dublin West and Dublin East.

In the example in Table 2 and Figure 2, the location is Dublin. Tower 1 has a plant room in the basement and three floors of office space. The floors are split into three wings. The wings of the first floor have the same names as the current tenants: Astro Fund, Cafeteria, and Retail NW Corner.

Figure 1. Space Configuration of Dublin location