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Identify the main meters for electricity, water, house lighting, and gas consumption. Map the main meters first, which makes it easier to visualize the meter structure in the tree system.

Tip: Configure a meter in the space that it collects data from, rather than its actual location.

Tip: Start with a single commodity, for example electricity, and define meters and points for the entire space hierarchy before you configure the other commodities.

Configure meter roll ups to suit your overall building configuration. It is typical to roll up meters at the floor level, but it is not necessary to configure them this way. Use roll ups to aggregate data at the space level that a meter serves. If you omit a meter from a roll up, OBEM does not aggregate the meter’s data to its parent space. If OBEM already counts a specific meter in another meter within a space, exclude it from roll up so that OBEM does not aggregate the data from that meter twice.

If a meter has a connection to specific equipment, you can designate an equipment category for that meter, as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 1. Meter equipment category