Review documentation and training materials - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012563 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.0

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Implementation Planning Guide

Johnson Controls
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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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Installation Guide
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Consult the OBEM documentation to understand how the system operates. In particular, pay close attention to the sections about dashboards and widgets in the OpenBlue Enterprise Manager User Guide (LIT-12012562), and to the space, meter configuration, and equipment configuration sections in the OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Configuration Guide (LIT-12012432).

Table 1. OBEM documentation descriptions
Document name LIT number Description
OBEM Product Bulletin 12012497 Contains an overview of the OBEM feature set.
OBEM Catalog Page 1901052 Contains licensing and ordering information.
OBEM Data Collector Product Bulletin 12012343 Contains an overview of the OBEM Data Collector.
OBEM Implementation Planning Guide 12012563 Contains information about how to plan and implement a OBEM installation.
OBEM Data Collector Installation Guide 12012431 Contains information about how to install and commission OBEM data collectors.
OBEM Configuration Guide 12012432 Contains information about how to add your building data to OBEM.
OBEM Rules Reference Guide 12012564 Contains information about the Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) rule set.
OBEM User Guide 12012562 Contains information about how to use the OBEM dashboards.
OBEM Security and IT Guide 12012593 Contains information about the IT infrastructure necessary to install and configure OBEM.
Note: The OBEM Configuration Guide and the Implementation and Planning Guide contain a customer checklist in their appendices that you can use to record information about your system and portfolio in preparation for a OBEM installation.