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Compile a meter inventory with the following meter information. Information specific to electrical meters is in bold text:

  • Meter name
  • Module connected
  • Commodity
  • Load type
  • Measurement units
  • Scale of measurement
  • Energy consumption
  • Demand
  • Power factor
  • Apparent power
  • Frequency

Meter serial numbers are not necessary, but it is useful to include them if you know what they are.

The following table is an example of a meter inventory matrix:

Table 1. Meter inventory matrix
Meter Location served by the meter Description Switchboard Electrical chillers House lighting & power, including car park and out door lighting
OBEM B4 01 Basement 4 Store Room Meter Supply to DBT--B4 (State Power) MSB-1 (Part 2) X  
OBEM B4 02 Basement 4 Store Room Meters Supply to DBT--B4 MSB-1 (Part 2)    
OBEM B3 01 Tenant Electrical Riser Meters Supply to House Services MSB-1 (Part 1)   X
OBEM B3 02 Basement 3 Meters Supply to DBT-BL3 (State Power) MSB-1 (Part 1) X  
OBEM L3 03 Plant Room Meters Supply to DBT-BL3 (ANZ Lighting) MSB-3