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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Implementation Planning Guide

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It is important to consider the visual and hierarchical design of your Kiosk display, in addition to the technical processes necessary for its installation. The Kiosk interface is a visual representation of your building system data.
Note: You need internet access to use the Kiosk.

You may want to consider the following when you are configuring the Kiosk:

  • What buildings do you want to display in the Kiosk?
  • How will the Kiosk be accessed? Do you want the Kiosk display to be in a dedicated location, such as a building lobby, or as a link on a customer's website?
  • Where do you want to display your Kiosk in your building?
  • Do you want to display the Kiosk in more than one location? If so, do you want each Kiosk in each location to display the details of the building that it is in, or display all buildings?
  • What colors do you want to use in the Kiosk background? Do these colors compliment the colors of your brand?
  • Do you want to display your company logo in the Kiosk?
  • Do you want to display images in your Kiosk? You can upload .jpg, .png, and .bmp image files with a resolution of 1500*1000 pixels.
  • Do you want to display a video in your Kiosk? You can add YouTube videos to the Kiosk.
  • Who is going to be your Kiosk administrator that will be configuring the content?
  • Do you want to include a pie chart or an image on the Introduction page in your Kiosk?
  • Do you want to display custom tabs in your Kiosk? If so, does the custom tab apply to one building specifically or to all of your buildings? There is no limit to the amount of custom tabs that you can add to the Kiosk page.
  • Do you want to display Green Tips in your Kiosk? Do you prefer standard tips, customized tips, or both? Do you want the Green Tips displayed sequentially or random? You can display 7 standard Green Tips and add an additional 3 custom Green Tips.
  • Do you want to display equivalencies?
  • Will the Kiosk be displayed on a touch screen device, or on a standard display?
  • Will the Kiosk display be unattended?