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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Implementation Planning Guide

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It is important to consider the visual and hierarchical design of your OBEM system in addition to the technical processes necessary for its installation. The OBEM interface is a visual representation of your building system data.

Here are some tips to consider before you configure your data:

  • When you configure electricity meters, create the main boards and the sub meters in a hierarchy. Configure main meters, whether they are virtual or online meters, at the building level. Configure sub-meters in the space that contains the items they are metering. Do not add end distribution meters to the top level of your meter tree.
  • When you configure points, adhere to an ordered method. Configure all the points for one particular type of equipment before you start to configure other types of points, and maintain a consistent naming convention throughout the configuration process.
  • If there is already a naming convention in place within the building automation system configuration, use that same naming convention in OBEM. Inventing a new one leads to unnecessary confusion.
  • When you configure points in your building automation system, the data interval setting must match the data interval setting in OBEM. This is usually set at once every 15 minutes.