Installing USG - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012431 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.0

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Data Collector Installation Guide

Johnson Controls
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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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Installation Guide
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About this task

To install the USG, complete the following steps:


  1. Install Ubuntu 18.04 and connect the machine on the subnet with BACnet equipment.
  2. Go to the URL: Download Universal Software Gateway as a zip folder. Unzip this folder and open terminal where this folder is placed.
  3. In the Command window, use the command sudo sh to install USG. Provide your user name and password for the web app when prompted to deploy your credentials to the USG.
  4. Replace path-to-creds.json with full path to creds.json file.
    echo '{"file":"<path-to-creds.json>"}' | af_send load_config ICG-LOCAL_jci.swgateway
  5. Restart application framework service.
    sudo systemctl restart intwine-app-framework.service
  6. Open the browser and type localhost or enter your IP address. if you get the error Internal server Error, then restart the webapp using the command
    sudo systemctl restart icg-webapp
  7. Application logs and errors can be accessed using:
    tail -f /opt/intwine/icg-data/logs/af.{log,err}