Configuring the agent - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012431 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.0

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Data Collector Installation Guide

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Before configuring the agent, get the gateway IP address and Subnet mask.

To get started with the BACnet agent, click on Device Settings and enter gateway device IP with subnet mask retrieved earlier.

On the Device Settings screen, complete the following steps:

  1. In the This System's IP field, enter the IP of the gateway with CIDR.
  2. In the BACnet Port field, enter a BACnet supported port number. Add multiple IP addresses separated by commas or semi-colons to discover devices that are available with different subnet.
  3. In the Object Name field, enter a name.
  4. In the Instance ID field, enter a unique BACnet instance for the gateway device.

To find BACnet devices on the network, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Device Settings screen, click Start WhoIs. The discovered devices are displayed in the devices dropdown.
  2. To stop searching for devices, click Stop WhoIs.
  3. To perform a discovery of points on a device, select the device from the dropdown and click Discover. The discovered points are displayed on the web application.

The BACnet status gives details of the discovered devices. To subscribe to changes of any given point, check Subscribe next to the point, enter the polling interval in minutes to fetch the point present value after specific time, and click Save. Select any additional devices from the dropdown and repeat discovery for the devices and subscribe to any points that are relevant.

To adjust the frequency the gateway sends heartbeat and timeseries data to the cloud, on the Settings screen, change the heartbeat period and timeseries batch post interval, in intervals of 0.1 minute, and click Save.