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Use the SQL Server Management Studio tool to create a read-only user account with execute permissions, for EM.

About this task

To create a read-only user account, complete the following steps:


  1. In the Microsoft SQL ServerĀ® Management Studio tool, log in to the server with a full access account using SQL Server authentication.
  2. Expand the logged in SQL Server database.
  3. Expand the Security section, and then right-click on Logins.
  4. Select New Login... from the list.
  5. Enter a unique and appropriate name for the account in the Login name field. For example, create a user account with the name mem_readonly.
  6. Select the SQL Server Authentication radio button. Enter a strong password in the Confirm Password boxes. Clear the Enforce password expiration check box, and, if still selected, clear the User must change password at next login check box.
  7. Select User Mapping from the list on the left of the page.
  8. In the Users mapped to this login: table, select the JCIHistorianDB database to add a user to.
  9. In the Database role membership table, select db_datareader and click OK.


Next, you must assign permissions to the Stored Procedure: