IT considerations - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012431 - Software Application - OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - 4.0

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Data Collector Installation Guide

Johnson Controls
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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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Installation Guide
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Verify that the IT configuration to install OpenBlue Enterprise Manager is complete.

The Aaeon® Boxer 6639 unit stores trend data temporarily with AES256 encryption. The Aaeon® unit communicates with the EM cloud with https.

Note: You must ensure that the following Inbound Connection ports are opened by the IT team, to enable the Command and Control feature:
  • 4208: Publisher/Subscriber feature
  • 4210: Web Socket server feature

You must configure your network with the following permissions:

Table 1. IT considerations
ADS/ADX SQL server on port 1433 Access to the Johnson Controls ADS/ADX SQL server
BACnet on port 47808 (or whatever applicable as per BMS settings) Access to BMS controllers on BACnet / IP.
Internet (outbound port 443) Access to the Enterprise Manager Cloud user interface. Access to the Enterprise Manager Tenant Portal. Access to the Enterprise Manager Green Hub. Access to the OpenBlue Enterprise Manager EIMS API. Access to the OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Entity API. Access to the Time Series API Access to OpenBlue Enterprise License Management API wss:// Access to OpenBlue Enterprise Message Broker API. Access to OpenBlue Enterprise Heartbeat API.
Note: If firewall exception is IP based, please add as exception applicable to all above mentioned URLs.