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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Data Collector Installation Guide

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OpenBlue Enterprise Manager
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When you complete the initial configuration, navigate to the URL of your OpenBlue Enterprise Manager instance. You can find this URL, and your credentials, in the email that you receive from the Johnson Controls® development operations team. You must use the latest version of Google® Chrome™ to access this URL, and ensure that you use https:// when you access EM.

EM launches in a web page.
Note: If you intend to use the Professional Productivity Tool, do not do any more configuration until you complete the auto-configuration process on your PPT project.

Next, you must configure EM with the Setup pages. You can find more information in OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Configuration Guide (LIT-12012432). Ensure that you read and complete the site surveys in the OpenBlue Enterprise Manager Implementation Planning Guide (LIT-12012563) before you begin configuring spaces, meters, points, and equipment.